Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comrade Anna

Will Sgt. Otto Langner of the Waffen SS-a Treblinka guard and professional hunter of Jewish and Communist reactionaries-win the heart of one of his victims, Anna? Can this mass murderer find redemption? Check out Comrade Anna, my new novel. 

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View several select chapters below. Instructors: for volume orders or to request a complimentary PDF copy, please email me at dorion8@gmail.com


     “I hate you, you Nazi bastard, you Nazi pig! You will pay for this!” Anna Leibowitz told herself containing her anger deep inside as her eyes flashed hatred. “Yes I would never even hurt a fly but one day I’ll kill this bastard!” she secretly vowed. 

     Minutes earlier, feeling trapped, she left her dead friend’s little girl, Mindy, with her landlady on the first floor of the tenement building and climbed the steep, winding stairway to her flat with Sergeant Otto Langner, of the Waffen SS, a Treblinka death camp guard. Langer had seen Anna and Mindy earlier that day merrily walking hand in hand along Muranowska Street, Warsaw, Poland. Langner, who was skilled in hunting and baiting Jews, saw an opportunity. 
      Now in Anna’s attic apartment on the top level, he was thrilled with himself and with at her anger, her humiliation, her discomfort. Anna remained silent for the child’s sake.
      “How can I get away from him?” she wondered, standing next to the large metal washtub in which he had just ordered her to bathe. She tightly wrapped a towel around her body. Seated at the table with two wooden chairs in the tiny kitchen, Langner, his muddy jackboots resting on one chair, motioned for her to go to the bed in the far corner of the two-room flat.