Monday, June 17, 2013

Are You a Writer Who Needs a Good Kick in the Butt?

    “The money is in the list.”

I've been wondering quite a bit lately if this is really true. Should I take the plunge and spend hours developing a targeted email list - I have many reasons why I have never done this - or would  such an endeavor be just another time sink hole? Still my favorite blogging experts bombard my email box daily with the best 'secrets' for making the most out of your blog or online business. Many of those experts say that direct emailing should be central or even #1 for any effective marketing plan. They must know something about this right?  

Kimberley Grabas' post (below) about the necessity of building an email list should prompt writers to ratchet up their marketing game. Are you - like me - one of those authors who do not have an email list for direct marketing of your work? I think I see the need because that's what nearly all of my favorite blogging experts say. I guess my problem then is procrastination and being so very busy with so many other things - teaching, writing, blogging, getting ready for the move to Thailand, selling the house, etc. Okay, guess I am going to have to rearrange my priorities ... maybe. "Maybe?" Yeah right. That's a procrastination word. Still the more I read posts such as Kimberley's the more I get inspired.
Maybe by next week I'll have a list and hopefully (please leave your email address in the "Comment" section) you'll be on it. But can you also comment on the graphic "Why do you put things off?" Do you have an email list that you use and update regularly and, most important, does it work for you?
Here is the post:
Writer's Guide to Building an Email List  Ahh, the ‘List’.As a writer, building your email subscriber list may not (yet) have become paramount in your quest for an engaged audience.Setting up and tweaking your blog, learning the intricate language of Twitter and ensuring your brand is hallmarked for longevity has, thus far, consumed every moment of your free time, right?But if you spend any time online, and particularly within the marketing community, you will hear this important proverb ad nauseum:
                                  “The money is in the list.”

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