Thursday, January 31, 2013

Should Traditional High School Education Move Away from Large, Expensive & Inefficient Buildings? Take the Survey Below.

     "The internet has revolutionized the planet." We hear this all the time but why do we still spend vast amounts of money on these inefficient and -at least some would say - prison-like buildings to house hundreds and sometimes thousands of students, many of whom do not want to be there? Is there a better solution? Can technology offer something better?

The Martin Luther King Educational Complex, Manhattan,
houses six small schools

     When I used to cover communities as a news reporter in Massachusetts, the one common complaint I heard from school and city administrators was that the schools were like bottomless pits that consumed about 80% of the city's or town's budgets. They would shake their heads at this perceived waste. Times have changed and the world's libraries and storehouses of knowledge are now available in the palm of your hand. So why do we continue to throw huge piles of money into the bottomless pits?
     Or is the old 'true-and-tried way' still the best way? Can we save a pile of money and have a much better educational system at the same time by replacing old modes of education with the opportunities that the new technologies afford?
     Students, parents, city and town officials, administrators and teachers-would you kindly take a few minutes to answer this survey? Please click on the button below. Thank you. The results will be posted on this website. Look for notification of the results via Twitter, Facebook and G+. The results may be used in a possible future book.

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