Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Verdict: The Continuing Series of the Antebellum Novel, "Jack."

Chapter 28
"Guilty, all of them,” said Wormwood.
“And the sentence?” asked Master Whittemore.
Wormwood read a note, “Expulsion from the altar boys with the permission of the good father, who has already agreed, and five days suspended from school with work instead on the grounds of the church.”
“A fair sentence to be sure Your Honor!” said Whittemore. “Have a nice afternoon now, sir, you may go. And thank you and thank the good father.”
Jack just smiled happily at the judge, then at Whittemore, knowing his triumph was the real one and that their’s was a comedy act. Master glowered at Jack and you could tell by his face that the punishment was not enough for his satisfaction. Jack had won. We had won. Whittemore knew it. Everyone in that room knew it.
As we were made to walk out of the school to begin our sentence, the kids one at a time stood up on the benches until the whole class except for the Slineys were standing there kind of in salute to us for standing up to master who yelled at them and threatened them, but they stood there anyway until we left.

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